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Higashi-Shinjuku Station Area Map


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  • Toei Oedo Line
  • Fukutoshin Line(Tokyo Metro)

Train Route

Tokyo Station (Tokyo-Metro)

Tokyo-Metro Marunouchi Line

Riding time / 17min

Shinjuku-sanchōme Station (Tokyo-Metro)

Tokyo-Metro Fukutoshin Line

Riding time / 2min

Ticket / 200yen

Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Tokyo-Metro)

Shinagawa Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Shibuya

Riding time / 13min

Ticket / 170yen

Shibuya Station (JR) → (Tokyo-Metro)

Tokyo-Metro Fukutoshin

Riding time / 9min

Ticket / 170yen

Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Tokyo-Metro)

Nippori Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ueno

Riding time / 6min

Ticket / 140yen

Okachimachi Station (JR) → Ueno-Okachimachi (Toei Subway)

Toei Subway-Oedo Line

Riding time / 14min

Ticket / 220yen

Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Toei Subway)


Oedo Line and Fukutoshin Line Station.

The toilets on the Oedo line are very beautiful.

From this station, you can also go to Shibuya and Ikebukuro.

There are hotels in the surrounding area where many foreigners stay.

It takes time to reach the ground because the platform floor of the Fukutoshin Line is deep.

Within walking distance from Kabukicho, it has a more relaxed atmosphere than the center of Shinjuku.