Odori Station Area Map


Olympic Venues

Sapporo Odori Park

Olympic Sports
Athletics (Marathon/Race Walk)

Approx. 3minute walk from Odori Station

Guide video

From Odori Station to Sapporo Odori Park


  • Namboku Line
  • Tōzai Line
  • Tōhō Line

Train Route

Sapporo Station (Sapporo City Subway)

Sapporo City Subway-Namboku Line

Riding time / 1min

Ticket / 210yen

Odori Station (Sapporo City Subway)


Odori Station is a subway station in Hokkaido.
The Olympic venue is right in front of the exit of Odori Station.
A marathon will take place at this venue. The marathon venue has been changed from Tokyo to Sapporo.

As the name suggests, it is a subway station adjacent to Odori Park. It is a large station.

It is the largest base station of Sapporo Municipal Subway.

All Namboku, Tozai, and Tōhō lines are available.

There are convenience stores, tables and chairs at the station where you can take a break.

You can walk to the Sapporo Station area via the underground walking space.

It is connected to major commercial facilities underground, so it is safe on snowy days.

Aurora Town has a popular meeting place called “Small bird’s open space”.

There are also two convenience stores at the station.