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Otsuka Station Area Map


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  • Yamanote Line (JR)

Train Route

Tokyo Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ueno

Riding time / 21min

Ticket / 200yen

Otsuka Station (JR)

Shinagawa Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Shibuya

Riding time / 30min

Ticket / 270yen

Otsuka Station (JR)

Nippori Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ikebukuro

Riding time / 9min

Ticket / 160yen

Otsuka Station (JR)


This is the station where the Yamanote Line and the Toden Arakawa Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram) cross.The Toden Arakawa Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram) station is right next to JR.

It is one of the few stations along the Yamanote Line where you can see the traditional atmosphere of Tokyo.

There are a lot of restaurants and supermarkets, and it is a town where people can live easily.

With the redevelopment, the station has been beautifully renovated and can be passed from the south exit to the north exit, making it very convenient.

Shin-Otsuka Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line is about a 7-minute walk from the south exit of Otsuka Station.

There are many cheap business hotels in town.

We may not be able to recommend it for women traveling alone.

It is not particularly large in Yamanote Line stations.

There is only one ticket gate, and it is easy to meet before the ticket gate and around the station.