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Shin-Kiba Station Area Map


Landmark Map

Shin-Kiba Station Area Map


  • ①Shin-Kiba Station
    Train station
  • ②Yumenoshima Park Archery Field
    Archery Field(Olympic Venues)
  • ③Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina
  • ④Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
    Botanical garden
  • ⑤Daigo Fukuryumaru Museum
    History museum
  • ⑥Yumenoshima Baseball Field
    Baseball field
  • ⑦Shinkoto Incineration Plant
    Incineration plant
  • ⑧Yumenoshima Park
  • ⑨Yumenoshima Athletics Stadium
    Athletic track
  • ⑩Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center(Tatsumi Water Polo Centre)
    Swimming competition(Olympic Venues)
  • Lawson Shinkiba 1-chome
    Convenience store(LAWSON Wi-Fi,Open 24 hours)
  • ⑫FamilyMart Sakuma Shinkiba Station
    Convenience store(Famima_Wi-Fi,Open 24 hours)
  • ⑬Shinkiba Ekimae Police Box
    Police Box
Shin-Kiba Station Area Map

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Olympic Venues

Yumenoshima Park Archery Field

Olympic Sports

Approx. 10minute walk from Shin-Kiba Station

Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center(Tatsumi Water Polo Centre)

Olympic Sports
Aquatics (Water Polo)

Approx. 12minute walk from Shin-Kiba Station

Guide video

From Shin-Kiba Station to Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center

Yumenoshima Park


  • Rinkai Line
  • Keiyo Line (JR)
  • Musashino Line (JR)
  • Yurakucho Line (Tokyo Metro)

Train Route

Tokyo Station (JR)

Musashino Line

Riding time / 10min

Ticket / 170yen

Shin-Kiba Station (JR)

Shinagawa Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Shibuya

Riding time / 3min

Ticket / 140yen

Osaki Station (JR) → (Rinkai)

Rinkai Line

Riding time / 19min

Ticket / 400yen

Shin-Kiba Station (Rinkai)

Nippori Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ueno

Riding time / 12min

Tokyo (JR)

Keiyo Line

Riding time / 10min

Ticket / 220yen

Shin-Kiba Station (JR)


Shin-Kiba Station is a landfill island surrounded by the sea.

Half of the island is occupied by Olympic venues and parks.

There are few convenience stores, so please check beforehand.

You can transfer to Keiyo Line, Rinkai Line and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.It is also the terminal station on the Yurakucho and Rinkai lines.

It is very easy to get to Osaki, Shibuya and Ikebukuro from this station.

It is also the nearest station of Ageha.Ageha is a renowned club in a music clubhouse that also features leading artists from overseas.

On the north side of Shinkiba Station is Yumenoshima Park.

There are also a tropical botanical garden, a baseball field and an athletic field.There is even a yacht harbor.

In addition, there are golf courses and campsites in the direction of Tokyo Gate Bridge.

There are many trucks running around the station, so you need to be careful.Pedestrians are afraid to cross traffic lights.

There are some restaurants in the station.There is not much restaurant around the station.

Shinkiba used to be a timber town.In Shinkiba, lumber traders once gathered.It was a place where wood was floated in water and stocked.There are still many timber-related businesses in Shinkiba.At Shin-Kiba Station, wooden nameplates and benches are used in various places.