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Shin-Okubo Station Area Map


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  • Yamanote Line (JR)

Train Route

Tokyo Station (JR)

Chuo Line Rapid

Riding time / 15min

Shinjuku Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ikebukuro

Riding time / 3min

Ticket / 200yen

Shin-Okubo Station (JR)

Shinagawa Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Shibuya

Riding time / 21min

Ticket / 200yen

Shin-Okubo Station (JR)

Nippori Station (JR)

Yamanote Line Toward Ikebukuro

Riding time / 19min

Ticket / 170yen

Shin-Okubo Station (JR)


There is Takadanobaba Station in the north and Shinjuku Station in the south.

It is about a 3-minute walk to Okubo Station on the Sobu Line.

It is famous as Koreatown and there are many Koreans.

In addition, there are many tourists from Asia.A multinational district in Tokyo.

There are many business hotels, restaurants and general stores.

There are few Japanese restaurants. There are many Korean restaurants.

There are many people who like Korea and many young girls.

The sidewalks and alleys are narrow, making walking very tired

Garbage is scattered in the city and there are many smokers